Percusanga Pandairo Type3

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All handmade Pandeiro! Brass hoop type. ※ It is an out-of-discount product.

Kyoto's percussion chairs Percusanga (Pelk Sanga) Saku Saku, all handmade pandeiro arrives!
There is no one as one for handmade!
The jingle tight is a tight sound, and the jingle is spacer and can adjust the way of sound.
In addition, it is burned in hand hanmad, and it has a unique dry sound.
The head resonates in the influence of brass hoops.

● Size: 10 "× Height about 45mm
● Shell: Wood
● Head: Unbleached palati (hand-rolled)
-Brass flatrim (brass tradational hoop)
● Platinatora (jingle): 5 pairs of brass, spacer × 5 with
● Tahaasha (tension hook): 6 places
● Weight: 396 g front and rear
● Dedicated tuning key included

※ Photos are samples.
Because of handmade instruments, heads and body differs in states and colors.
Please note.

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