Percusanga Pandairo Type2

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All handmade Pandeiro! Round hoop type. ※ It is an out-of-discount product.

Kyoto's percussion studio Percusanga (Perk Sanga), Mr. Saku Sakuho, all handmade Pandeiro arrives in stock! For handmade, there is no one as one!

The jingle is combined with nickel silver and brass on both sides, and bake processing is soaked in hand hanmad.

It is one that can be used for all rounds.

● Size: 10 "× Height about 45mm
● Shell: Wood
● Head: Unbleached palati (hand-rolled)
● Aluminum light (aluminum light hoop)
● Platinatora (jingle): Nickel silver × 5 pairs of brass
● Tahaasha (tension hook): 6 places
● Weight: 376g front and back
● Dedicated tuning key included

※ Because there is one unit, the sound and specifications have individual differences.
Image and sound are samples.

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