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All handmade pandeiro! ※ It is a product that is not eligible for discount.

An all-handmade pandeiro by Kyoto percussion workshop percusanga (Perxanga) Naoki Bando is in stock!
The jingle is baked with a brass hand hammered, and it sounds well with a calm tone. The jingle has a spacer, so you can adjust how the jingle sounds.

- Size: 10" × height about 44mm
- Shell: Wood
- Head: unbleached goat skin
● Traditional hoops
- Pratinera (Jingle): 5 pairs of brass ※ By the solid difference of the jingle, if it sounds too much, a spacer is included.
- Tahasha (tension hook): 6 places
- Weight: around 385g
- Dedicated tuning key included

※ Because it is handmade one by one, there are individual differences in sound and specifications.
Images and sounds are samples.

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