Terms of service


Article 1 (membership)

  1. A "member" means an individual who agrees to this agreement in accordance with the procedures specified by the company, and makes an application for the registration of an online shop ejpc user.
  2. "Membership information" refers to information about the member's attributes disclosed by the member and the history of the member's transactions.
  3. This Agreement applies to all members and is an agreement to protect them after registration and registration.

Article 2 (Registration)

  1. Membership
    Customers who have agreed to the terms of this Agreement and have received a certain number of applicants are qualified as members after completing the registration procedure. The member registration procedure will be subject only to customers who are subscribed to the paid membership system "JPC" operated by our company. Registration by proxy is not accepted at all. In addition, the application from the person who has judged that the member qualification has been canceled in the past or the other is not suitable for you may refuse.
    This registration is the user registration in the online shop, and it is different from the membership registration to the JPC paid membership system. Please accept it beforehand.
  2. Input member information
    For members registration procedures, please read the notes on the input carefully and enter the necessary input form correctly. Special signs, old Chinese characters, and Rome figures cannot be used in registration of membership information. If these characters are registered, we will change it.
  3. Password management
    1. The password is assumed to be available only to members themselves, and cannot be transferred to or assigned to a third party.
    2. Please keep your responsibilities with the responsibility of a member, such as periodically changing the password so that you will not be known to others.
    3. The manifestation of intention made to the company by using the password is assumed to be the intention indication of the member himself, and all the payment etc.to be made is the responsibility of the member.

Article 3 (change)

  1. The member shall contact the company promptly if any changes have been made to the matters that have been sent to the company, including the name and address.
  2. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the change of registration. In addition, please note that even if a change registration has been made, the transaction already processed before the change registration is made based on the information before the change registration.

Article 4 (withdrawal)

If the member desires to leave, the member must make a withdrawal procedure. After the departure of the prescribed withdrawal proceeding, it will be withdrawn.

Article 5

  1. When a member has made a false report in the application for membership qualification, if the member has failed to pay the payment payment by the mail order, or if there is any reason that the company finds it inappropriate as a member, the company shall revoke membership.
  2. When a member carries out the acts provided for in the following items, he / she shall be liable to compensate for damages caused by the company.
    1. Improper use of member numbers and passwords
    2. To obstruct our business by accessing the home page and tampering information or sending computer programs harmful to this home page
    3. The act of violating intellectual property rights of goods handled by the company
    4. In addition, conducting acts contrary to this Agreement

Article 6 (handling of member information)

  1. We do not disclose membership information to a third party without prior consent of a member. However, in the case of the following items, we will be able to disclose membership information and other customer information without prior membership.
    1. Cases where a request for disclosure is requested pursuant to laws and regulations
    2. Cases where our company judges that it is necessary to protect our rights, interests, honors, etc
  2. As for member information, our company will manage it according to our efforts to protect personal information. Our company shall be able to use member information for the purpose of providing service information to members, improving service content, promoting service utilization, and ensuring sound and smooth operation of services.
  3. We provide information to the members by e-mail magazine and other methods. If the member does not wish to provide the information, we will stop the provision of information according to our method. However, the information provision necessary for this service operation cannot be stopped by the member's hope.

Article 7 (prohibited)

When using this service, it is prohibited to perform the act of the following items to the members.

  1. Violation of laws and regulations or the terms and conditions of this service, attention to use of this service, precautions for shopping in this service or any other violation of this agreement, etc
  2. Impairing the rights, interests, honors, etc. of the company and other third parties;
  3. The act of detrimental to the physical and psychological effects of the youth, and the act of violating the public order
  4. Conducting acts of annoying or discomfort to other users and other third parties
  5. Entering false information
  6. Send or write harmful computer programs or emails
  7. Unauthorized access to our servers and other computers
  8. Lending or assigning a password to a third party or sharing it with a third party
  9. Judging that the company is inappropriate

Article 8 (suspension and suspension of services)

  1. If we fall under any of the following items in order to maintain the operating status of this service, we may stop all or part of this service without notice.
    1. Cases necessary for periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system
    2. When load is concentrated on the system
    3. When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to fire, power outage, obstruction by third parties, etc
    4. In addition, if the company judges that the system is stopped without stopping

Article 9 (change or abolition of service)

The company shall be able to change or abolish all or part of the service without prior notice.

Article 10 (immunity)

  1. We are not responsible for any interruption, delay, suspension, loss of data, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, or any other damage to the member regarding our services.
  2. We do not guarantee that mail content sent from our web page server domain is not harmful to computer viruses.
  3. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the violation of this agreement.

Article 11 (revision of this Agreement)

Our company can arbitrarily revise the terms of this agreement, and we can prescribe the terms and conditions of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "replenishment agreement"). The revision or refusal of this Agreement shall take effect when posting this agreement or the certificate of incorporation after the revision to the specified site. In this case, the member shall comply with the terms and conditions of the remuneration.

Article 12

When a dispute occurs in this agreement, the district court which has jurisdiction over the location of our head office shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.