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DG New Cajon!

A new series of Spanish percussion instrument maker DE GREGORIO!
TOKAYO is named after the slang "Toyo" that means "to play with friends" used among Spanish musicians.

It is a 3.5mm3 plyverch with a little thicker face plate than CHANELA, YAQUI, BRAVO, etc., and the bass is a thick and firm sound.
The treble is a calm and rough impression.

STRIPE has a unique hitting surface with both fiber-like hardness and wood softness. The bounce after hitting is one of the recommended for strength, hitting surface, hard hitter.

- Size: about 30cm × depth about 30.8cm× height about 48.7cm
- Surface: Birch material (3mm3PLY, phenolic resin adhesion)
- Side: Birch material 9mm7PLY
- Back side: Birch material 3mm3PLY
- String: 4 pieces / adjustable

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