Schlagwerk Fineline Comfort Dark Knight Cajon CP608

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☆ Christmas fair target products ☆ 25% OFF! Fine line comfort. The Dark Knight!

The royal road of Cajon, Schlagwerk. Superlative Fineline Comfort Series.

The most distinctive feature is the rounded body! The body molded by the press method called CLM has a seamless upper part, just like a drum shell. In addition to the unprecedented "sound", it is also attractive that it is easy to sit and play.

"Dark Knight" is characterized by crisp, hard treble and solid yet tight bass.

● Size: Length 30cm x Width 30cm x Height 50cm
● Surface material: Dark Knight Plywood
● Resonance Box: Hardwood Beach / CLM Press Construction method
● Sound line: Fine line snare / CW2 snare wire
● Rucksack type case, deluxe cajon pad included

* The image is a sample.
Because it is a wooden instrument, there are individual differences in the grain of wood.

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