DE GREGORIO CHANELA Cahon (with Teacher DVD Book & Case) Black

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Spanish cach. Tight sound is popular!

Spanish Passive Manufacturer De Gregorio, "Chanela" series!

In a standard range, it sounds well from low to high range. Rather than round, plump sound, it is an impression of tight and dry sound.

Noise sound sounds for DG specific tight. CHANELA has eight strings, well responsive, and you can play easily with your fingers. In addition, the high-tone area is good, not only noise sound but also the box itself sounds.

It is an easy-to-sound instrument regardless of the tenure technique.

● Size: 30 cm long × 29 cm wide × 47 cm high
● Battle: Birch
● String: 8 / Adjustable
● Color: Black
● Accessories: Teaching DVD book, simple case

※ Photos are samples. For wooden, one by one is different.

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