DE GREGORIO "Makoto" Cajon →Pica-no-jaC← HIRO Model

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A limited quantity of HIRO models in charge of → →-no-jaC← cajon are released in limited quantities from Spanish percussion manufacturer DE GREGORIO!
It was also released in 2012 and was re-released in response to the requests of →Pija-no-jaC ←fan) nationwide.

Based on the old specifications of Chanela, which is popular for its tight sound and high airtightness, the hitting surface uses 3 mm thicker than the normal Chanel surface (2.5 mm) to meet HIRO's hard attack.

Depending on the thickness of the board, the bass sounds more puffy and thicker than Chanela.
A little different color is coming out!

- Size: 30cm long× 29cm wide× height 47cm
- Hitting surface: 3mm3ply birch material
- String: 8 pieces / adjustable
- Autographed (under the sound hole on the back side)

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