Protection racket jumphe case (13 ") 8250-29

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Jumble Case! Ethnic City original size !!

British Case Maker, Protection Laket Ruckle, applies the surfboard case know-how to instrument case and creates a soft case that can protect the instrument as much as possible.
The case is a backpack type, the shoulder is thick, and it is difficult to eat on the shoulder even with heavy jambe. Side also has a hand and a pocket.
The inside of the case is a fleece material that does not damage the instrument, and the waterproofed polyester material is used outside. Furthermore, in the case of the case inside freeze, it uses a material that absorbs humidity, and is a good case for hitting the jean.
This 13 "is an Ethnic City original size!

● Size: 13 "
Diameter 38.5 cm × Bottom diameter 24cm × height 65 cm

※ You can jumble up to the above size.
Janbe differs depending on the individual, so please be sure to check.

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