Protection racket jumper case 9110.

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Humidity is strong jumper case!

British case maker Protection Laketonglakkett has applied the know-how on the circuit board case to the instrument case and makes a softcase to help protect the instruments.

The case is the backpack, the shoulder is thick, and the heavy jave is hard to eat on the shoulders.The side also has a hand and a pocket.
It uses a phased material that does not hurt an instrument inside the case, and a polyester material that is waterproof on the outside.
In addition, in the case of inner freezes, we use materials that absorb moisture, and we are happy to be able to jump to the janbe.

Size: For Size: 10 "
Diameter: 30cm x 7cm x 55cm
*Jumbe can be contained up to the above size.

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