Protection Racket EC Original Jumbe Case 2272-65 KOMAKI12

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Our original specification jumphe case! 12 inch type. Bottom's big jeanbe is also OK!

Our original specification, protection racket jambe cabase!

The original case features 5 points!
☆ The lid can contain a board and firmly protect the head.
☆ It is handle on the cover and is convenient for moving.
☆ The diameter is larger than the normal bottom size, and it supports a wide range of Bottom janbe.
☆ The handle attached to the side when it is sideways can be balanced because it takes into account the top weight of the jumb.
☆ I put a longitudinal pocket that could be put in Sase.

Lucks as usual cases, the shoulder is thick and heavy jambet even if it is heavy.

The inside of the case is a fleece material that does not damage the instrument, and the waterproofed polyester material is used outside. Furthermore, in the case of the case inside freeze, it uses a material that absorbs humidity, and is a good case for hitting the jean.

● Size: 12 "
● Inner diameter: diameter 38 cm × bottom diameter 24 cm × height 61 cm
● Outer diameter: diameter 40.5 cm × bottom diameter 26.5 cm × height 66 cm

※ You can jumble up to the above size.
Janbe differs depending on the individual, so please be sure to check.

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