Protection Racket Djmbe Case 9112

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A gimbe case that is resistant to humidity!

British case manufacturer Protection Racket Racquet applies its surfboard case know-how to instrument cases to create soft cases to maximize instrument protection.

The case is a rucksack type, the shoulder is thick, and it is difficult to get into the shoulder even with a heavy djanbe. There is also a hand and pockets on the side.
The inside of the case is made of fleece material that does not damage the instrument, and the outside is made of waterproof polyester material.
In addition, the inside freeze of the case uses a material that absorbs humidity, and it is a good case for jamming.

- Size: for 12"
Diameter 36.5cm× bottom diameter 20cm× height 60cm
※ You can put a djmbe up to the above size.
The size of djanbe varies depending on the individual, so be sure to check it.

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