- you will not eat or drink anything in the studio.
Please refrain from using any fire within the studio.
I refuse the use of additional drunkenness studios.
· studio monitor camera management. For the record, please let us review.
All right Please finish playing and leave during use time
For the first time, please explain how to use the studio and how to handle the equipment.
Are you sure you want to handle the equipment you don't know how to use.
· please let our staff know immediately if you find any equipment corruption in the studio.
We are not to be held responsible for any injury or injury or damage done by a guest's equipment or any of our own.
We'll make a full cost for repairs.
· if you move studio equipment location back to a predetermined position in usage time.
We might be able to sue for damages when all the lights in the building fall down due to the application.
Please evacuate this studio immediately.
I am not responsible for any trouble, including the lost or stolen valuables in this studio.

Please make your appointment

- you can also book reservations from the store, through phone, and query form for our website.
- we can make reservations three months in advance.
I can't guarantee your appointment schedule for a disaster or emergency.
Your appointment schedule may not be available for business by studio.
Your appointment schedule may be canceled for convenience by studio. We will warn you then by a month.
We wish to confirm your appointment schedule from our company. If you do not reach out, you may cancel your reservation at that time.
Please find another way for lockdown (all day use).

Please call me back

Studio use charges may change without notice.


The price to change will be for studio use, options and equipment.
I will accept a fee of free up to the 7 th, 2 percent before the day before, 6 percent before the day before, and 50 percent for the day before.
And you'll have to pay me in three days after your cancellation.
If you have a notice for unpaid charges, please pay quickly. If you have one month past on your notice, you will not be able to access your studio.

Studio photography

Fill out the permit and shoot it.

Studio privileges

To cancel the available qualifications and cancel the appointment.
You submitted false information to our informant
In the case of the change in customer information for the longer term you can't make contact with us
In the event that you violated protocol
The truth is, if you hurt the credibility
It's so fun
It's so fun
There's been a rash of violations in the history of public order, acts against the law, acts to commit crime or a possible act of fear
So, think about it:

◆ each studio is basically a variety of lessons studio.
If we have free time, we will be on loan for individuals or organizations.
Contact for further details:

◆ about lendingBusiness hoursSo this is our final mission
Studio has started showing up at 11: 10 pm for receptions

< appointment tide >
I'll get it on the house and on the phone.
You will be asked with or without instruments, such as lessons and practice orchestras.

< appointment, destination >
Percussion City 03 - 3845 - 3041
Drums city one, two, three
Ethnic City five - six - Seven
Yeah, whatever