Lessons and rehearsal studio

At the Q 4 studios, we will accept a variety of requests from personal practice to the ensemble in the small!

They will install larger instruments
Of course, choose the 'character ensemble' for use, such as the 'small' ensemble.

◆ each studio is basically a variety of lessons studio.
If we have free time, we will be on loan for individuals or organizations.
Contact for further details:

◆ about lendingBusiness hoursSo this is our final mission
Studio has started showing up at 11: 10 pm for receptions

< appointment tide >
I'll get it on the house and on the phone.
You will be asked with or without instruments, such as lessons and practice orchestras.

< appointment, destination >
Percussion City 03 - 3845 - 3041
Drums city one, two, three
Ethnic City five - six - Seven
Yeah, whatever