Would you like to start a new one?

Drum classes, percussion classes, and other percussion instruments produced by percussion shops specializing in percussion instrumentsSo why don't you start a new one?

I want to hit the drums, but I don't know what to start with.

The rattenper cushion is interesting, but how do you play?

I've come with my own way, but I want to learn from the basics!

A variety of music classes produced by JPC will be able to respond to your concerns.
Would you like to start first?There will be new discoveries and wonder!

Experience Lesson Lessons & Lessons

It is important to know what the lesson is like before you take it.
Please make inquiries of each classroom as it is possible to see each classroom in sight.
There are also courses that allow students to take hands-on lessons in some classrooms.

For more information, please contact the JPC City.
-Percussion city: 03-3845-3041
-Ethnic City: 03-3842-6042
-Drum City: 03-3842-6044

Workshops and seminars to learn about percussion instruments at any one time will be held at any time.

In addition to regular lessons, there are Mance Workshops, Lessons, Lesson, Theme, and theme-focused, irregular seminars, seminars, and clinics that are easy to learn from various percussion cushions.
Workshops, other seminars, clinics, and so on,Event Pagefor the following: