Asakusa Drum Dojo

Lesson features

We will proceed with the theme of "practical sound instruction" through the drum set.

We offer lessons for a wide range of people, from complete beginners to advanced players.
The instructors are also experienced, so you can take lessons with confidence.
Also, the drum set is one of the instruments that is difficult to practice at home.
We also rent vacant rooms that are not used in the lessons for students, so it is ideal for individual practice!
Since you spend a lot of time touching the instrument, you can enjoy a more fulfilling time.

This lesson is recommended not only for beginners, but also for intermediate / advanced students who want to thoroughly retrain from the basics and overcome their weaknesses.

"I want to start playing drums but I don't know what to do"
"I just want to be able to play the drums happily."
First step class for such people. From how to hold the stick
You will learn while enjoying the basic training, basic rhythm patterns, fill-ins, etc. necessary for playing the drums.

○ 3-4 times a month / 1 lesson 1 hour, group lesson for up to 4 students per class: fixed day of the week, fixed time ○ Super practical instruction using 1 set for each student.
○ Classification according to level.
○ 43 lessons per year

★ Jazz drum class is also open

A drum class for beginner to intermediate levels, focusing on jazz genres.
The instructor is Masahiko Osaka! Click here for details >>>

◆ For inquiries about Asakusa Drum Dojo,
Feel free to contact Drum City at 03-3842-6044 or here!

Lecturer introduction Uichiro Ichikawa

Professor Uichiro Ichikawa

Born in Tokyo in 1954. In addition to playing, he is active in writing magazines and instructional books, and in rhythm education. In 1986, he presided over the "Japan Rudiments Club", a study group for professional drummers, and received the participation of many leading drummers.
After serving as a lecturer at several music colleges, he is currently teaching juniors at Asakusa Drum Dojo (Komaki Musical Instrument) and Yamano Music Salon Tokyo.

In his book, "I will teach you the tips for practicing rock and drums" (Doremi Music Publishing Co., Ltd.)
"All know-how to become stronger in rhythm" (Central Art Publishing Co., Ltd.)
"Rhythm Training Enhancement Book" "Extremely Private Modern Jazz Drummer Theory"
(Both Ongaku no Tomosha) and many others

View Uichiro Ichikawa's book on amazon >>>

[Responsible: Basic Course] Thursday, Sunday

Tuition fee

◆ Basic course

¥ 14,300 (tax included) / month (including equipment cost ¥ 1,100)

Admission fee ¥ 5,500 (tax included)
Number of times 3-4 times a month (43 times a year)
Lesson time 60 minutes * Fixed time on days of the week
Start date Thursday 16: 00-20: 00
Sunday 12: 00-19: 00