Lesson features

Middle Eastern percussion instruments that are becoming more and more popular in recent years. You can learn the most representative darbuka from the basics!

Recently, darbuka is well known as an accompaniment instrument for belly dance. It is a popular instrument not only as a folk percussion instrument but also as one of the percussion items.

♪ I want to start darbuka someday ♪ I'm playing in my own way, but I want to know the basics again

Please take a look at such a person!

The instructor is Christopher Hardy, who is known as a hand drum specialist. Even beginners can participate with confidence.

♪ Beginner class

Even if you are completely new to us, you can rest assured! How to make sounds-Start from basic practice!

◆ Lesson method
○ Twice a month / 60 minutes per lesson (Irregular holding / Start date will be decided and announced by the end of the previous month)
○ Group lessons for up to 6 people
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Visit is possible / However, only once per person (reservation required /?
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◆ For inquiries about the darbuka classroom,
Feel free to call Ethnic City 03-3842-6042 ♪

Lecturer introduction

Christopher Hardy Chris teacher

Born in the United States. Based in Japan since 1989. Not only has it been highly acclaimed as a specialist in hand drums, which is a representative percussion instrument in the Middle East and North Africa, but it has also gained trust in the creation of various sounds with various percussion instruments, and has been co-starring with top artists in Japan and overseas. .. In addition, he has been attracting attention as a unique session player, such as making use of "Bones" in various genres from early on. In recent years, he has been developing further activities by leading the world music groups "TGA" and "Tatopani" produced by himself. Released solo CD "Touch" from Victor. It became a hot topic as it became the first place in the 2002 Best Recording Award.

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[Responsible] Monday (twice a month / irregular) * The schedule will be decided and announced by the end of the previous month.

Tuition fee

◆ Introductory class

¥ 8,800 (tax included) / month (including equipment cost 1,100)

Admission fee ¥ 5,500 (tax included)
Number of times twice a month
Lesson time 60 minutes * Fixed time on days of the week
Starts Monday 18: 00 ~