Jazz drum school

Lesson features

Even a complete beginner can enjoy learning full-fledged jazz drums with safe group lessons.

Would you like to become a jazz drummer too?

"I like drums and jazz, but I don't know how to hit them ..."

"I've never played drums, but I'm interested in jazz drums."

For those who say, "One-on-one lessons are a little nervous."

Even if you are a complete beginner, it is a safe group lesson, so you can enjoy learning full-scale jazz drums in a group.

  If you have the feeling of "I like drums!" ・ "I want to try it!", It's okay! !!

 Lecturer is Masahiko Osaka, one of Japan's leading jazz drummers

First of all, it's OK from the tour! Please feel free to contact us.

◆ Lecturer: Masahiko Osaka

◆ Lesson method

twice a month Monday ※ dates of the month will have announced to each month.

Dates: June 21, July 12, July 26

・ 16 : 00 ~ 17 : 0 0 (Availability ×)

・ 17 : 0 0 to 18 : 0 0 (availability 〇)

・ 18 : 0 0 to 19 : 0 0 (availability 〇)

・ 19 : 0 0 to 20 : 0 0 (availability △)

(60 minutes per class, up to 4 people)

○ Since each person can use one drum set, there is no waiting list that tends to occur in group lessons!

◆ For inquiries about Asakusa Drum Dojo,

Feel free to contact Drum City at 03-3842-6044 or here!

Lecturer introduction

Masahiko Osaka

Studied at Berklee College of Music in 1986. While attending school, he was enrolled in the Delfeayo Marsalis band and performed at jazz festivals all over the United States. After working in NY , he returned to Japan in 1990.

He has also released a single leader album, and his third " Walkin'Down Lexington " won the Production Planning Award from Swing Journal magazine. When recording the fourth album " Cross Fade ", a documentary program will be produced and broadcast on MBS.

For 16 years, Swing Journal, which was suspended in 2011, continued to be ranked number one in the drum category popularity poll.
Many of the works were produced, and "Jazz Cinema Paradise" produced in 2014 was ranked first for a long time on the high-resolution distribution site e-onkyo , and became a hot topic in the industry.

As a sidemen, he has participated in over 100 jazz albums.
Currently, he is active in regular groups such as Aseemblage , EQ , Scene of Jazz , Samurai Bebop Trio, FEJE , and trio vintage.
He has been a part-time lecturer at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music since 1996 , and became a visiting professor in 2012.

Masahiko Osaka Official Web Site >>>

[Responsible: Jazz Drum Class] Monday

◆ For inquiries about Asakusa Drum Dojo,
Feel free to call Drum City 03-3842-6044 ♪

Tuition fee

¥ 12,100 / month (including equipment cost ¥ 1,100)

Admission fee ¥ 5,500
Number of times twice a month
Lesson time 60 minutes * Fixed time on days of the week
Start Monday 16: 00-20: 00