Contemporanea Machine Hammered Pandeiro PDMM105LCT Lucier

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Machine Hammard Platinella! A new sense with a light body.

A new series of light (Luchier) comes up from the standard Brazilian instrument maker and contemporanea!
The body is finished with a calm color of dark brown, and is slightly thin with lightweight wood.
The lightness is characteristic even though.

Platinella is a brass machine, Hanmard processing, and it is a tight sound with a sharp settledness,
Bright sound like contemporanea is leveraged as it is.

● Size: 10 "x 45mm
● Shell: Wood
● Hoop
● Head: goat
● Platinatora (jingle): 5 pairs of brass
Tahaasha (Tension Hook): 6 places
● Weight: about 366 g
● Tuning key included

※ The image is a sample.
Please note that there are individual differences in the color of the skin due to this specification.
Please contact us if you have a point of mind.

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