Malamadaan hand hanmmered pandero pdmv 105 ct-bsmn

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Maramada ADA special plaid. 🔊

Mammoth Aida / Pamela / Merrell / panther.
Based on pdm10105 CT
Hand held hammered jingle.

The jingle is carefully humidified one by one, and looks like Turkish cymbals is just a little cymbal! If you use it, the instrument will grow and the sound will mature.

The thickness of the jingle is a medium, it is preeminent, such as the sound of the sound, attack, and it is a finer in a number of custom paddello.

Brick narrow type
Brass jingle is bright and loud impression.
The sound also has a volume, and the sound will pass in the ensemble.
Moreover, the narrow type is suitable for technical performance by making a tight sound.

Size: 10 " × 46 mm high
Shell: Wood
Traditional hoop
Head: goat skin
Brass 5 piece medium narrow
6. Tension hook
Weight: About
Tuning key

* the photograph is a commodity sample. Because there are individual differences in skin color and pattern for this skin specification, please understand beforehand. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

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