Mermelaada Hand Hanmmered Pundairo PDMV105CT-GSMN

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Marmela Ada Pračnaira Pandeiro niru! 🔊

The Pandinara, a long-established company of Samba musical instruments, is new to the pandina-based platinera (jingle).
Based on the PDMV105CT, the PDMV105CT, which is easy to hold in the contemporary current model of the contemporary model.
This is a hand-made model with a jingle.

The jungle is politely hung with a hammering, which makes it look like the cymbals of Turkey, and the lookout is that little cymbals are used to make the instrument more mature and mature enough to make it up to it.

The thickness of the jingle is a medium in which the thickness of the noise is better than that of the sound, the attack, and the jingle is very different from the number of custom pandelio in a few.

It is characterized by a more calmer tone than brass tones.
The sound of playing a musical instrument is easy to acclimate to the ear, and the sizomness of the instrument is attractive.
It makes a sound, and it responds to a broad range of music.
The narrow type is also suitable for technical performance in tight sound.

Size: Size: 10 "× height 46mm."
Shell: Wood
○ Tradyshonefupp
○ Head: goat skin
Plachinera (jungle): five pairs of GermanSilver, Midiamnalo
Tahasha (Tension hook): 6 locations
It weighs about 408 grams.
● Tuning Key Attache

* The picture is a product sample.Because of the rind specification, there is a difference between the skin color and the hilt of the skin, so please accept the skin color.
If you have a problem, please contact us.

The sound is a sample.

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