Protection Racket Ethnic City Original Cajon Case 1271-16

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JPC Ethnic City Original Cajon Case!

While keeping the goodness of the cajon case of the protection racket, I was able to make an ethnic city original case that is easier to use and improved! !

The fabric, like the conventional protection racket cajon case, is waterproof on the outer surface, and the cushioning material is thick and uses a material that adjusts humidity.

As well as the conventional backpack type, there are handles in two places, the top and the side, so it will be able to handle carrying in any situation. The pocket is the size that the score of A4 size enters completely, and it is convenient for something.

The color is a calm brown that was not likely until now.

- Size: length 30cm× width 30cm× depth 50cm
※ You can put the cajon up to the above size.

-Rucksack type


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