DE GREGORIO CHANELA Cajon (With Teaching DVD Book Case) Green

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Cajon made in Spain. Tight sound is popular!

"Chanela" series from Spanish percussion manufacturer De Gregorio!

It is a standard range and sounds well from low to high. It's not so much a round, plump sound as a tight, dry sound.

Noise sounds are tight, DG-specific sounds. Cynela has 8 strings, is responsive, and can be easily played with your fingers. In addition, the high frequency range is good, and not only the noise sound but also the box itself sounds firmly.

It is an instrument that is easy to sound regardless of the technique of the player.

- Size: 30cm long× 29cm wide× height 47cm
- Hitting surface: Birch material
- String: 8 pieces / adjustable
- Accessories: teaching DVD book, simple case

※ The structure of the surface has been changed. The image is a sample.

※ Because it is a wooden musical instrument, there are individual differences in sound, wood, and color tone.
The image is a sample. Please understand in advance.

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