Schlagwerk Peru EVO Walnut Deluxe Con CP4905

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" New series La Peru EVO! With case. 🔊

German cajon maker Schlagwerk introduces new series EVO!
This Until now, cajon sounds were mainly solid bass and delicate treble, but nowadays, with the change of music, tight and light sound is becoming mainstream.
This EVO. The series is also a sound making that is at the cutting edge of the times.

La Peru EVO is a series that follows the striking structure of the historic La Peru series.
CP4905 Walnut Deluxe Is the most balanced bass and treble in the EVO series, has a good string response, and seems to be suitable for delicate performances with fingers.

● Size: Length 30 cm x Width 30 cm x Height 50 cm
● Strike plate: SC6 walnut material
● Back: Beach material
● Side: SPL plywood
● String: 8 / adjustable
● Cajon pad and case included

* Sounds and images are samples.
Because it is a wooden instrument, there are individual differences in grain and sound.
Please note.

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