JPC Ethnic City Original Caphone Pedal & Bass Set CPD & CKB-1 [Adjusted]

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A set of cajon remote pedal and kick base that can be set on the cajon kick base.

Cajon is played by a wide range of people, from those who want to start playing musical instruments to those who want to set up percussion.
In recent years, its ease and compactness, or its volume can be suppressed compared to drum sets, has increased its use as a substitute. And the number of advanced performances using drum pedals is increasing.

Ethnic City devised the "Cajon Kick Bass" attachment for playing cajon with drum pedals in 2010, and has been proposing the style of "stepping on the pedal with the heel" for many years.
This time, we have further evolved it and developed the original "Cajon Remote Pedal" that can be attached to the "Cajon Kick Base".

Several types of remote pedals have been released by other manufacturers, but we have carefully considered the smoothness of the pedals and the simplicity of the appearance, and we have also focused on affordability.

Those who want to step into another performance from the previous cajon performance.
Those who already have "Cajon Kick Base".
Those who want to start playing cajon like a drum set. other…
Please try!

● Set contents: Cajon remote pedal (CPD) x 1, Cajon kick base (CKB-1) x 1
* Cajon body is not included.

≪Remote pedal≫
● Depending on the setting of the beater, the lower part of the beater may damage the cajon striking surface, so please be careful.
● When you step on the pedal deepest, there is a slight change in pedaling comfort. Please note that this is a structural reason.
● Not suitable for use with drum sets.
● This product has been opened once to adjust the balance of the pedal.

≪Kick base≫
● Usable cajon size: From the striking surface to the back surface (depth of cajon) 29-32 cm
● The height of the cajon's feet must be 8 mm or more (thickness of the base plate).
Be sure to check the height of your feet as they vary depending on the cajon.
● Utility model registered

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