DW カホンペダル 5000CJ

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It is DW カホンペダル of the cable link reliability preeminence

It is a remote pedal for カホン which adopted the highest remote cable technology and Pivot Drive System of the idea that it is unique, and is totally new in drum makers.

I specialize it for カホン, and the response is good, and it is smooth, and a play without the stress is enabled by setting a cable to minimum length.

The specifications that were particular about a delta ball bearing hinge, remote beater Cajon platform with a hub where tension adjustment is possible, a firm aluminum baseplate, the details including Gel-Soft Beater Ball are characteristic!

●Delta ball bearing hinge
●Pivot Drive System
●Platform with the remote beater hub
●Aluminum baseplate (back side nonskid heels rubber)
●DW-SP117 Soft-Touch Beater

※Accessories: Case
※カホン of the photograph is not attached.
※An attached beater became the specifications change. Please refer for the details. (ethnic city TEL:) 03-3842-6042)

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