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JPC produce. Cymbals for caffeine Del Cajon 🔊

Ethnic city produce cymbal!

The name is...Del Cajon "Delkahon!
This cymbals developed into the concept "Cymbals that use with the Cajon".

If you are playing a Cajon, you should have felt the desire to put cymbals
It is possible to be able to be able to be able to have such a person in the hand without hesitation"Kanon no..."I named it in Spanish.
(Spain is familiar with flamenco, and it is a country where the wooden box of Krabi brought from Peru developed)

This is 8 inch splash cymbal.
It is possible to sound easily with the bare hand as the name of kahon cymbals.
It can be said to be splash, but the sustainability spreads well and the familiar with Cajon is outstanding.

Size: 8 "

* Please use the kaphone with reference, but the Cuban is not attached.

* sound is sample.
Since there are individual differences in cymbals, there may be some differences in tone color and pitch. Please understand beforehand.

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