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JPC Produce: Shinbal for Cajon! 🔊

Ethnic City Produce Simpals!

And that name is ..."DEL CAJON"(Dell-Cajon)!
This cymbal was developed into the concept of "cymbals that are used together with a khon."

If you were to be playing the khon, you might have felt like, "I want to get a cymbal."
I don't have to get lost to those people, so just keep them in the hands."Cajon's ..."I named it in Spanish.
(Spain is a flamenco and a country developed with a wooden crate that was brought from Peru.)
As the name of the khon cymbal is, it is easy to make a sound as it is to hit a khon (a kong).

Fourteen inches is a very good volume balance with a cajon.
Stick, the better the sasteine remains, and the sound and the sound will clean up.
You can play the cup with a stick around it.

The performance of this one and the khon will be enough to widen!

Size: 14 "

*The logo design is different from the image.

* We use a cajon in reference performance, but not the cajon.

The sound is a sample.There are individual differences in the cymbals, so the pitch and the sound may be slightly different.Please accept.

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