"Extreme" in the sky of liberty

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Yamazawa Yoshiyuki: A work that has won the gold award at the All Japan Ensemble Contest. There are many used instruments in the trio, and the song is also difficult.

"Extreme" in the Sky of Liberty

Ensemble Liberte Brass Writing Orchestra.

The first half forms the sound of space while three people are synchronized.
Eventually, the sound is also embedded in a complete silence, and the quiet sound of Marimba.
In the middle part, it appears temporarily in space and sparks the sound spinning.
The variant that appears suddenly falls at once.
While stacking each solo, the spaces and heat will be exploded at once and the song is over.

Music "Unnecessary" sound reorganization ※, avoid operation as much as possible.

Organization can be changed unless it is excessive.
The same is true for alternative instruments.

I will change my imagination to creative power and expect each EXTREME.

(Yoshiyuki Yamazawa) Some excerpts

※ Acts that add sound instead of moving sound.

«Reference Source»
37th All Japan Ensemble Contest National Convention
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Score 1 part + performance score 3 parts set
(There is no publication of part music)

[Used instrument]

PLAYER A. Vibraphone (F33-F69 3 Octave) Some bow is required, MARIMBA (C16-C76 5 octave *)

Player B. Marimba (C16-C76 5 octave *), Aluminum Pipe, Thai GONG * (2) (or Chinese Gong) No Temporal Specification, Tambourine with Stand, TAM-TAM.

PLAYER C. GLOCKENSPIEL (G59-C88 2-1 / 2 Octave), XYlophone (E♭67, F69, G♭70 3 sounds only), Suspended Cymbal, Tom-Tom (6), Bamboo Claster *, Bd, Bongo, China Cymbal, Splash Cymbal, Whistle.

※ Normally, two C-C 5 octave Malimers needed.
If you can not prepare, A.B. B. Port sounds to move the sound of the part, or replace the part, you can play with one C-C 5 Octave and 1 C-C 4 Octave.
Please consult with the performers, leaders, etc. for the place to move.

※ Ask of alias chromatic gong. Using two different sounds.
※ It is effective to use randomly suspended bamboo chime.

Higher or more

[Playing time]
About 5 minutes 2 seconds
* As a play time for playing time, it is a play time by sound source, so it depends on the performance method and tempo.

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