JPC Ethnic City Original Cajon Kick Base & Veter Set CKB-1 + TBB

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With attachment and beater for playing cajon with drum pedals!

From drummers to percussionists, the popular instrument cajon !!
In Ethnic City , I devised an attachment for playing cajon with a drum pedal, "cajon kick base"! "Practical new idea registered"
Sold as a set with a tennis ball beater!

Cajon without using hands Since you can play the bass range of the cajon, you can greatly expand the range of cajon performance by combining it with various percussion instruments such as high hats, leather such as conga jumbe, and shakers!

♪ Also used by Matarou, Masaaki Tamaki, and Christopher Hardy ♪

* You have If you have any questions, such as whether it fits the cajon, please contact Ethnic City (03-3842-6042)

● Available cajon size:
> From the striking surface to the back surface (depth of cajon) 29-32 cm
* Drum pedal is sold separately.
● The height of the cajon's feet must be 8 mm or more (thickness of the base plate).
The height of your feet varies depending on the cajon, so be sure to check it.
● Utility model registered

* Sold as a set with a tennis ball beater.
If you want to purchase separately, please order from the single item form.

* This product was originally developed by JPC. Sold only by JPC or eJPC.

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