KU-KA-ILIMOKU for Percussion Ensemble / ク カ イリモク

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The work which imaged God of the fight in Hawaii Island. I make full use of a great variety of musical instruments and build technical music.

ク カ イリモク / Christopher Laos (Rose)

[reference sound source]
"JPC ensemble collection Vol.4"

There is the case that a cover design is changed to, but sends it out to collecting contents without a change as usual. Approve it beforehand.

*Because I cannot accept it, the exchange understand the returned goods by buying mistakes beforehand.

[use musical instrument]

1. Timpani (4), Log Drum (4音), Suspended Cymbal (3), Claves, Bass Drum(shared with Percussionist 2)

2. Tom-tom (4), Wood Block (4), Piccolo Wood Block (1), Bass Drum(shared with Percussionist 1)

3. Snare Drum (2), Bongo, Wooden Plank, Conga Drum ,Temple Block (4), Chinese Cymbal, Cowbell

4. Wood Block (4), Piccolo Wood Block (1), Slapstick, Tam-tam, Timbales (2), Bongo (2), Gong (2)(any pitches), Metal Plate Boobams

[performance time]

Approximately four minutes 53 seconds
*Because it is the performance time by the reference sound source about performance time, it varies according to a performance method, a tempo.

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