JPC Ensemble Collection Vol.4

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Kanzahiro!!The JPC Ensemble Collection CD also hit the fourth round of the CD.

Celestial Anthology-Cepheus (Cepheus): Yosuke NONOMOTO (five-weight music)

Red EARTH/Christpher Hardy

First-Straw/MATARO (trio)

Little Sea Gongs/Gareth Farr (4-weight ensemble)

Hanker Cool Sight/Hamada Hitoshi Hamada (six-storer)

CIRCUS/Stanley Leonard (5-weight play)
(1) Introduction
(2) Trapeze
(3) Lion Tamer
(4) Cannonball
(5) Monkey words
(6) Finale

Dimension III/Elliot Del Borgo (4-accompaniment)

Next, Next GAME/Hidano Shuichi (4-weight ensemble)

Nutcracker: Tchaikovsky Arr. SUGAWARA no Atsushi (6-ju-so)
(1) Marche
(2) Le The
(3) Dase de la Fee-Dragee
(4) Trepak

KU-KA-ILIMOKU/Christopher Rouse (4-weight ensemble)

First Strraw Solo to CD + SOLO> Solist

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