HANKER COOL SIGHT for percussion ensemble

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Idea full loading of the improvisation!

Kahn car cool rhinoceros / Hitoshi Hamada (Hitoshi Hamada)

[performance time]
Approximately seven minutes 30 seconds
*Because it is the performance time by the reference sound source about performance time, it varies according to a performance method, a tempo.

[reference sound source]
"JPC ensemble collection Vol.4"
Hanker Cool Sight

*Because I cannot accept it, the exchange understand the returned goods by buying mistakes beforehand.

[use musical instrument]
I: Vibraphone
II: Marinba1 (A25-C76 4-1/3 octave)
III: Marimba2 (A25-C76 4-1/3 octave) ※ 1
IV: 5 Bass Marimba (C16-C76 octave) ※ 2
V: Wood Block, Cymbal, Paila, Cow Bell, Timbales
VI: Maracas, Bongo, Conga

※I am all right only in one or two Marimba2 or Bass Marimba(C-C 5oct). I am in particular all right only in Marimba2 when there is not Bass Marimba(C-C 5oct).

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