Snow Lantern / White Tiger

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It is the last work that concludes the three parts of "Yuki kagetsu" followed by "moon labyrinth / the great God" and "flower corridor / wind dragon". It is possible to play as one piece together with the previous two works.

[playing time]
About 5 minutes 16 seconds
* performance time depends on the playing method and tempo.

"Snow moon flower series" "Snow Lantern / white tiger", "moon labyrinth / ogami" and "flower corridor"

Author comment
This song consists of the following three parts.
"Snow falling down" from the sky, snow falls, and looks up at the sky, and conversely falls into the illusion that oneself is inhaled into the sky. The light of the snow lantern spread from one side to the front.
Water is circulating. Water evaporates and clouds. And it snows again.
Hakutoro is originally the Western Guardian deity, but it reminded me of the brave figure of the snowfield. Draw freely like this.

[reference sound]
JPC ensemble collection Vol.8

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MRB (C-C 4 octave), xylo, glo, VIB, chime, TIMP, 2tom, bongo, CYM, clear bell, peel B. D, congas, B.D, W. chime, China CYM, largethom

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