[Feb.&Mar.] Pandeiro Online Personal Lesson Instructor: Akikazu Mitani

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Come on, pandeiro lessons!*Please check the "Date and Time" column for the schedule.

If you're not alone in the store, you can get online at home.

From instructor "akikazu mitani"

"Analog in a digital place."
"Technology" may also be communicative so that "information" can be sent and received even when the distance is far apart.
This is a new communication that creates a "field" on the web and shares "time".
I wish I could have my pandeiro feeling "raw".

[Content] Depending on the course of the course!
-Lectures on the themes of the day
(an ex-role practice, a pattern reinstatement, a metronome usage, a cots for an ensemble, and introduction of practicable practice at home without a sound)
Display and share a user-friendly graphical solution and a page to the screen.
I have a question and answer time with a live chat, so I can enjoy it with a feeling of fun.
*This will be part of the lesson content.Depending on the progress of each one, the content is different.

Akikazu Mitani (lecturer)
On February 4, 1979, he was a student of the Department of Music, Department of Music, Department of Music, Department of Music, Tokyo, and Department of Music, Department of Music, and Department of Music Department of Japan National University.He went to the graduate school and majored in performing arts.
He is a percussion instrument that uses a variety of percussion instruments and rhythms, and is fascinated by a variety of musical performances and poppies who are fascinated by the children of Kids to the elderly.
In recent years, he has been working on the performance, research and dissemination of the Brazilian percussion instrument "Pandero," and a workshop was held at the JPC, a long-established percussion instrument shop.It has produced more than 300 disciples.
He also appeared on TV programs actively in the media as well as in the media.He appeared in the Tamori Club and succeeded in leaving the marks in the toothpick.
Recently, Takuya Kimura and Tadanobu ASANO joined his disciples.
He walks in his own Groove, which combines drums and percussion with drums and percussion with "brightness" and "ease of clarity".
In 2016, he released a solo album, "Utah Taiko," in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of his career.

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If you do not participate in the non-participation of the Zoom app on the day of download and installation, you will not be refundable on that day.
Please confirm the operating environment of the terminal you are using and participate in advance.
No refund, etc., in the event of a delay in operation due to internet line failure, communication rate limit, etc., or a malfunction in the conversation.
We recommend that you prepare for your participation in an Internet environment in advance.

● Event name: Pandeiro online personal lesson (45 minutes)
● Date and time:[Feb.]Day 27 (Sat.)
           [Mar.]Day 5 (Sat.) / 6 (Sun.) /12 (Sat.) /19 (Sat.)
Consultation required on other weekdays


*Please enter your desired request at the time of purchase of the ticket in the "JPC Repetition" column.
Example: 1 hope 13 days (Saturday), 13:00 (Saturday), 14:00 (Saturday), at 14:00 (Saturday), 12:00 days at the end of the month.

*Please contact us for any other schedule, weekday, and group participation.
Contact us: support@komakimusic.co. jp

Instructor: Soichi MITANI (Uchiya Akikazu)
● "Zoom (Online)"-"Zoom" is free for both installation and use.)
*This online meeting service called "Zoom" will be used for the lecture.
Guide in advance*You will send it by email.As a result of this, please prepare for the request.
Meeting Room URL:I'll send you a message by email by the day of the day.

I hope that you will be able to confirm the flow through the current day and participate in the event with a margin of spare time.

*The flow to the current day will be sent to you via email after the request.

If you have any questions, please ask me for a few more questions.(Ethnic City TEL03-3842-6042)
I'm looking forward to your participation.

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