JPC Original Multi-Playmerlet JPC5

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The strongest mallet of weight, thickness, and hardness! Percussion City staff is confident that they are satisfied !!

JPC5 is heavy and hard, and depending on how it is handled, it is an instrument. A mallet that requires meticulous mallet control for the player, as it may destroy the mallet.

Rhythm & amp; Sun Polyblock, LP Granite Block, Jam Block also have a core sound, can be used for multi-bass drums and small-diameter mallets, and above all, are compatible with vibraphones. Well, as the name suggests, it has become a mallet that can be widely used for multiplayer.

Thread material: Yarn
Core: Hard rubber
Length: 35cm
Pattern: Special rattan
* Sold as a set of two.

Thread materials: Wool
Core: Hard Rover
Length: 35 cm
Core: Special Ratan
* 2 * This is a set of sales in a pair.

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