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Megumu Hattori: The solo work which the 柄打 ちや standstill element of the mallet was included in.
[4 mallet A-C 4-1/3 octaves]

Bird Aizu / Megumu Hattori (I take it and burgeon)

The work which was published as the series of the solo contest repertory.
The music becomes the contents which it is easy to image without it being too difficult.

*Because I cannot accept it, the exchange understand the returned goods by buying mistakes beforehand.

[use musical instrument]

Marimba (A25-C76 4-1/3 octave)

Four mallet

First intermediate degree

[reference performance time]

Approximately four minutes 17 seconds

It is the performance time by the sound source. It fluctuates by a real performance tempo.

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