Ida Tambourine Stand TMB-150

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It is a stand where 10 inch tambourine can be mounted easily

It is an item that is very useful when there are other musical instruments such as brass band and orchestra, multi-percussion.
It is difficult to stop the sound of the instrument and there is a good sinking feeling when hitting the instrument, making it easy to stop the sound of the instrument to fix it between the dedicated and rubber belts.

We recommend using 10 inches (about 25 cm in diameter).
It can be used with an 8-inch (about 21 cm) instrument, but it is not recommended because there is a risk of stability and falling.
Also, it can not be used with 7 inches or less and more than 11 inches.

-Stand, Mount Mailet Fixed Method, Fixed Temporary, Rubber Belt, Mute Felt Set
· Height to the hit surface: about 80 to 118 cm
· With angle adjustment function

Instruments in the image do not come with.

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