JPC Drum City Original Stick Maple 4 Pairs Pack RB7A BE2 MMR SA

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Drum City Original Stick 4 types of maple pack!

Drum City Original Stick made of maple material is a bargain pack of all 4 items!
< br id = "spec"> Ex.STANDARD RB7A
● Material: Maple
● Size: φ = 14.5mm × L = 406mm
● Chip shape: Tear drop
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Big ear Mark 2
● Material: Maple / varnished finish
● Size: φ = 15.5mm × L = 407mm
● Chip shape: BALL
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MMR -Maple Mini Rall-
> ● Material: Maple
● Size: φ = 16.0mm × L = 400mm
● Chip shape: Small ball
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● Material: Maple
● Size: φ = 15mm × L = 406mm
● Chip shape: Small / ACORN
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* This product was originally developed by JPC. Available only at JPC stores or eJPC.

* If you would like a selection stick, please select a pairing stick from the options, and the JPC staff will select and pair it.
* Even if you select a normal stick, we will make the minimum selection and ship it.


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