Saito artist signature うたり model UTARI01

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≪うたり model ≫ rattan pattern extra hardware mallet

It is correspondence for the making of music that is the riot including a sharp, transparent tone to be required in contemporary music from all sounds that six kinds are soft, and is rich that repeated investigations such as balance and resistance at the time of the pronunciation, the weight of the core, woolen quality or number of revolutions. Solo, ensemble, wind music, an orchestra became the thing which satisfied a demand of the expression regardless of formation and a genre.
It is Malet who is available from a beginner to Malin bistrike in the wide layer.

※This product is store, but there is not the stock situation in the real time to sell it. Because it becomes the order at store when it is out of stock, approve it beforehand. In addition, about the order of the import goods mallet, please be careful because you may have considerable time.

●One set of two of them
●A pattern: Rattan
●Full length: 400mm
●A head: Woolen yarn winding /EH( extra hardware)

※There may be an error in full length.

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