Playwood Signatures Series Stick H-185KS: Kyoichi SANO

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School of Music, Toho Gakuen University, Faculty of Music, Kyoichi SANO

Commenting on Kyoichi Sano's comments

I turned back into the original shape of the little drum stick and aimed to be an all-mighty one.This model is suited for the overall quality of basic technology.And from here, you can develop into a variety of models.The original form of the model has been passed since about 400 years ago, and it does not look like the appearance of the body, and it does not make it feel that it is a good balance, or it does not feel the weight.

Materials: Hickory.
Size: φ18.5 x L400mm

The staff members are selected, but there may be a margin of error of about 2g.

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