REMO RhythmRID Control Sound Snare Kit LREMRP03137110S

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A bucket on a drum? Head for exclusive use of the REMO rhythm pal, リズムリッド

REMO RhythmPal( rhythm pal) which I have made the を musical instrument which "I knocked on the bucket and wanted to hold as a substitute for a drum."
And it "is exclusive head Rhythm Rid" to become the liver of this rhythm pal!

The kind available has abundant リズムリッド to sound to demand. I can enjoy the change of various sounds by changing material and thickness.

The tone that this "control sound snare kit" is high-pitched tone, light るめで Crisp in リズムリッド.
Because a snare clip is attached, I can take the role such as the snare drum with a bucket drum.

●Tup size: 13 inches
●A head: Control sound clear / CS (black dot)
●A snare clip is attached
※It is sale only in リズムリッド (head part). The Peer bucket of the image becomes other selling.
※When commercial Peer bucket is used, 5-6 gallons of Peer of 30 centimeters copes, but an upper diameter, please warn him because there is an incompatible case depending on the designs such as handle departments.

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