Romanian ethnic dance Transposed Version / Romanian Folk Dances

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JPCCD2019 Recording Senior Senior BELA BARTOK (ARR: Fujiwara) Romanian Folk Dances Best Passing Music Vacation Version

Romanian ethnic dance dissolution

[Playing time]
T. Rod dance 1 minute 14 seconds
Oh. Odd dance 34 seconds
V. Stepping dance 1 minute 09 seconds
W. Alpenhorn dance 1 minute 30 seconds
Ix. Romanian "Polka" 31 seconds
Y. Fast and fine step dances 58 seconds

* As a play time for playing time, it is a play time by sound source, so it depends on the performance method and tempo.

[Composer Comment]
This percussion tapered version is an article based on the two versions of the piano soybean and orchestra version by Bartok itself. Boards will be helpful to play. For example, the piano soybive is a felight feeling of fragment, and the musical rufferts can be learned, and the orchestra version can study the contrast of musical scale in the heavyness of the tutti, the tutti scene and the indoor promotion scene. must. Also note the effects specific to perfectly added to our current version.

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[Used instrument]

T. Star dance. JoC Cu Bata 1 '14 '': Mar. (4OCT) VIB. Xyl. GLO. TIMP.
U. band dance U.Braul 0'34 '':... Mar (4oct) Vib Xylo Glo.
V. Slow dancing V.PE Loc 1 '09 '': Mar. (4OCT) VIB. Xyl. Glo. S. CYM. WOOD BLOCK Finger CYM.
W. Alpenhorn dances w.buciumeana 1 '30 '': Mar. (4OCT) VIB. Xylo. Glo. TIMP.
Ix. Romania 'Polka' Poarga RomaneasCa 0 '31' ': Mar. (4OCT) VIB. Xylo. TIMP. S.D. S. CYM. TAMB.
Y. Fast and fine step dances Y. MARUNTEL 0'58 '': Mar. (4OCT) VIB. XYLO. GLO. TIMP.

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