LP FX Bolt-Tuned Djmbe LP727C 12-1/2"

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Lightweight with plastic head!

Compared to LP Bolt Tune Djanbe! rope tune, it is a mechanical and easy-to-handle specification.

The plastic head is placed on the body made of synthetic resin, and I am glad that the pitch is not affected by the weather and humidity.
Because it is a plastic head, the degree of wear of the head is also slower than this skin (* Depending on the frequency of use. ), you can feel free to use without worrying about tuning.

It's easy to play from bass to treble, and good with a treble and bulging bass!

- Size: diameter 12-1/2" (about 32cm) × height about 63.5cm
- Head: Plastic
- Body: synthetic resin
- Color: Coper

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