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A tiny type of plateera! Sound is cute and cute. 8 ".

Contemporary Brazil is one of the most popular manufacturer of musical instruments.

The size of the planetella is about 45 mm in diameter and is about 8 mm smaller than the usual size.

This pdm008cr is a type smaller than the typical 10 "panelo diameter about 5cm diameter.
It is a comparatively easy instrument that is comparatively small in the hand and the woman.
It is easy to replace head because it uses round hoops.

Size: 8 " × Height 41 mm
Shell: Wood
Head: goat skin
Hoop hoop
* pranella (Jingle): 4 pairs, small (about 45 mm in diameter)
Taharsha (tension hook)
Weight: About 348 G

* the photograph is a commodity sample. Because there are individual differences in skin color and pattern for this skin specification, please understand beforehand.

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