Suzuki Minigrocken MAG-13 Alto

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It is a desktop minigroken with a feeling of good feeling

It is good to enjoy with one, good to combine with Soprano (MSG-13), and the width of utilization is infinite!

[Reference Sound] Using the attached mallet, the bass side accompaniment is black [soft], and the high-tone melody is played with red [hard].
The playback sound quality varies with your speaker. Please note.

● Sound area: Stem (C52-A73) derived sound F #, B♭, F # Additional three sounds only
● Body size: Width 34 cm × depth 15.5 cm × height 4 cm
● Steel sound plate can be easily removed and replaced with simplified insert rubber pins
● Weight: 830g
● Collection Mallet: SP-105W (Double-sided Head [Hard and soft] type)

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