Phonix Marimba Orchestra II / Phonics Malimba Orchestra 2

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The second bullet of the high-level ensemble CD, including the world's first recording work !!

The second bullet CD of the Phonics Malimba Orchestra, which has evolved now.
This work can also be betrayed to the echo of dense marioke.

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[recorded music]

1. Fireflies / Neissan Dortley

2. Prima Route / Ocean

3. Sand book / Kinoshita Kinako

4. Symphonia M-Listen to the voices of the gods! -The new virtue of the Malimba Orchestra

5. Four Russian songs / Russian folk songs (Fukami Mizu)

6-8. Scalar Mouch-5 Marine Voters ~ / Darius Miyo (Aoi Abe)

9. Flower blooms / Yoko Kanno

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