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Hiroki Kato: a fun ensemble with a pop tone. Multi grade

Antique Crochet percussion Quintet / Daiki Kato

Concert time
About five minutes

* performance time depends on the playing method and tempo.

* Please note that you will not be able to receive your return and exchange due to purchase errors.



1st: vibraphone (c-f-2-1 / 2 octave), xylophone (f-c3-1 / 2 octave), crash serial.
2nd☆Glockenspiel (g-c-2-1 / 2 octave), marimba (C-C 4 octave) *
3rd: marimba * snare drum.
4th☆Scientific, triangle, tambourine, bass drum.
F, as, B, C to D, ES * 2 from timpani (5)

Marimba share one share
* in case of two timpani, it is possible to correspond to the sound as as f f as in the beginning.

Grade☆Part with grade 2

Score part set

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