ZENKO Zenko HARMONY Harmony ZEN05 A432Hz

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sound of healing♪Inpro-system percussion receipt! "Harmony" 432Hz receipt. 🔊

"ZENKO," which can be played freely in France, is received from France.
"HARMONY" is the scale of the ZENKO original.

a slit drum made of metal and a play to play with a thrits
It's all nine-tone sounds, and it's a clear sound with core corn.
You can play with your hands, but you'll be able to draw more resoners by using a private mallet.

Size: Approximated 32cm in diameter and 13cm in height
Weight: Approximated 2.8kg.
○ Adjunct: Dedicated cases, marlets, cushion
Harmony-C4 F4-A♭4 B♭4 C5 C♯FIVE E.♭5, F5 and G5) Sound: A=432Hz

a mallet that is played by

the play with the fingers

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