Piazzolla on Marimba / peer SORA on marimba

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The album which was clogged up with a famous tune of peer SORA. Of course I collect the re-bell tango!

A performance: Nunotani history person (marimba), car field Momoko (piano), 誉田広耶 (marimba), Yuka Sato (violin)

*Because I cannot accept it, the exchange understand the returned goods by buying mistakes beforehand.

[collecting music]

1. Winter of Buenos Aires

Tango suite
2. The first music: デヂーゾ is determined
3. The second music: Andante
4. The third music: Allegro

5. エスクアロ shark

6. Of re-Bion oblivion

7. Oh, it is Dio's ノニーノ

タンガータ suite "god of the wind and naiad"
8. フガータ
9. Loneliness
10. 終曲 / タンガータ

11. Re-bell tango

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